We Must Act With Life-or-Death Urgency Because Today’s Rate of Resource Exhaustion Dictates Catastrophe in our Children’s Lifetimes.

In the range of 2025 to 2050, tens of millions and then hundreds of millions will starve annually as shortages of food and other resources intensify. Billions will be purged from an earth unable to sustain them.

Corporate Greed, Consumerism and Overpopulation are driving Global Resource Exhaustion Catastrophic to Mankind and All Life On Earth.

Population has reached “epidemic” levels. It is still growing. It cannot be sustained. Since 1950 we’ve consumed more resources than in all of prior history combined.

Global food production is heavily dependent on the oil the world is running out of. By 2025 shortages of oil and food will be severe. Decades of mass starvation and horrific war over increasingly scarce resources may have already commenced.

A study in the authoritative journal Science forecasts a 100% collapse of marine species including fisheries as soon as 2048. As of 2010 over 29% have collapsed.

Given extreme land-crop shortages by 2025, what will the world eat? The answer?  Decades of mass starvation.

Nearly 14 Billion or 69% of the world’s 20 Billion square miles of agricultural land already suffers erosion and soil degradation. Desertification alone is devouring 20,000 square miles per year. Already 30,000 people starve to death daily in Third World countries.

By 2025 to 2050, starvation will know few if any national boundaries.

The world is being stripped of forests at a rate of 32 Million acres per year. Deforestation means loss of habitat, wildlife, species, soil, and natural sequestration of CO2, a global-warming gas.

Most forest cleared for agriculture loses its fertility in just 2 or 3 years. Then what?

Scores of countries are exhausting aquifers as they struggle to satisfy their growing water needs, including the big three grain producers—China, India, and the United States. In parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas — leading grain-producing states —the underground water table has dropped by more than 100 feet and wells have gone dry on thousands of farms in the southern Great Plains.

Elsewhere in the United States, over a dozen rivers no longer reach the ocean most of the year. Too much is removed for irrigation. In China and several other countries crop production is already falling due to shortages of irrigation water. India and others will follow soon.


An estimated 27,000 or more species are being extinguished per year in the greatest mass kill-off since the cataclysmic collision of an asteroid with earth millions of years ago. By 2022 one of every four species will be gone forever, and by the end of the century, as many as one of every two.

Now imagine the combined impact of the resource exhaustions above. Bear in mind, we have not included outbreaks of disease, pestilence or war in consequence of them. Bear in mind, the impacts do not consider those of catastrophic global warming and ocean acidification from CO2 emissions.

Global Warming, destroying natural climate.

What is astonishing is that the exhaustion of earth’s resources is inarguable and visible everywhere, but climate change (aka global warming) is more easily denied by fools and liars because the excess of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is largely invisible, and it’s overall warming effects are complicated by natural climate variations from one region and locale and year to another. But make no mistake: the prior decade’s global average temperature was the highest ever recorded by man. The initial effects are already visible, in melting polar ice caps, glaciers, and tundras, in increases in weather severity, in historic droughts.

Ocean Acidification, destroying the marine food chain.

We are on course for a catastrophic global warming as soon as 2050 if not sooner. At the same time, CO2 emissions are being absorbed by our oceans, acidifying them so fast that marine scientists fear collapse of the entire marine food chain, again as soon as 2050. And that threat is in addition to loss of fisheries from overfishing.

The Deadly Combined Impact

Widespread drought, crop failures, loss of all seafood, mass famines and migrations, rising seas, monstrous storms, epidemic horrors and genocidal wars. All caused by the same things that are exhausting all the rest of earth’s resources: excessive consumption driven by international corporate greed, a merciless indifference to a growing global population that cannot be sustained!


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