Petition for Global Warming Facts on Fox

SEN’s Co-Founder Gregory Hilbert told Huffington bloggers Mary Ellen Harte PhD and John Harte PhD of cooltheearth, “The Discovery Palin Alaska petition-condemnation-boycott campaigns by Defenders of Wildlife, Credo,, Center for Biodiversity, Care2 Petitioners, Facebook groups and SEN have already obtained over 550,000 signatures. Every week brings another organization or campaign, more blogs, and more televised ridicule of Palin. By the time Alaska airs, if it does, the number engaged by signature alone would easily exceed one million. And if Palin Alaska airs, there will then be boycott fury!

“Murdoch, News Corp and Fox News? I think we have a fair chance of getting results faster with a simple petition than we have with Discovery Communications. Murdoch and News Corp already put their names on the line for Global Warming. Discovery’s CEO put his on the line for Palin. We know Discovery’s advertisers are snickering about it. Let’s hope Discovery’s shareholders feel the heat from Credo, and let Discovery’s CEO know they don’t think this thing is shaping up to be funny.”


On behalf of hundreds of millions in the USA and worldwide who treasure wildlife and are gravely concerned to stop environmental destruction, SEN’s has launched Palin’s Alaska BOYCOTT CENTRAL. Let our relentless battle begin with a swinging of “a terrible and swift sword” against Unilever’s Dove Soap and Degree Deodorant, until and unless Unilever publicly declares it will not support Discovery Communications with any advertising during the period Palin’s Alaska would air. They must help us wash the stink of Palin from any and all nature-related programming broadcast by license ultimately granted by the people of the United States of America. — Gregory Hilbert and Suzanne Sparling, Co-Founders, Sustainability Education Network, April 6, 2010