Turtle Island: Our Earth Mother

Japan in Crisis

By Sheryl Goodwin, SEN Contributor and Honorary Advisor

Kway. Hello. First off let me state what an Honor it is to be asked by my brother Gregory and sister Suzanne to join the team. What a privilege to be among such fine people listed on the biography page of Sustainability Education Network. I know we are all missing our brother Hugh, upon the Earth Walk, with his words of wisdom that came from a heart of deep love, but we are grateful he was able to be with us for the amount of time he was. What lovely gifts he was able to leave for each of us and I hope for those who have not yet been able will take the time to check out his writings within the archives.

My writing style may vary from time to time but I always keep in mind that I‘m speaking to my brothers and sisters upon Turtle Island. I like to write in such a way that it would appear you and I were sitting across the kitchen table from each other, having a favorite beverage of some type and chatting. Although miles may be between us and we may not see each other in the physical sense, our words reflect our very beings, so in that respect we do meet.

There are many issues and events that are taking place across this Earth, as I write this, events that affect each one of us personally. Some of those events we seem to be aware of in subtle ways and others we do not seem to concern ourselves as greatly as we should unless they knock more forcefully upon our lives. The event that is playing out currently as I write concerns the earthquake in Japan.

We have seen the great forces of our Mother as she moves and shifts her position, as she sighs, and settles back to rest again. We need to remember, like ourselves, she is alive, she breathes, she moves too and we live upon her. As with our own bodies we move to change positions. Sometimes we move to do something, or to get away from something, this could be to make ourselves more comfortable or when there is an irritation of some type taking place. How might we be causing an irritation to our Earth Mother? Is she moving in a natural rhythm or is she moving because she is irritated?

From her movements other natural occurrences have taken place in the form of a tsunamie which has caused great damage. Those are natural movements upon our Earth Mother but we need to guide our lives and our actions to live in harmony with her on a more reflective and enlightened way. People gather and work in large numbers right upon the shores of known areas of earthquakes and tsunami areas. Is that wise to do so? The other issue at hand is the Nuclear Plant built right in an area prone to earthquakes and tsunamis that has caused a third occurrence, this one is man made. We as a species of humans need to consider what we do and how we do it, and is it a wise way to do things.

Great lessons are given to us over the historic life of each and every one of us. Our species has the ability to record historical conditions that go back to a past that we have not lived ourselves personally, but we can still learn from past events that our ancestors experienced. So what do we do with those lessons? Do we learn from them or repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and now with even more dire consequences. We must as a collective, of brothers and sisters to one another realize that we all share the same home upon Turtle Island and that it is all our responsibility to keep our home clean and in good order for us to remain in balance and harmony upon the living Being that we reside.

I thank each one of you who took the time to read my first article for Sustainability Education Network and I look forward to sharing more conversations with each of you.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts and feelings upon the matter as we all need to hold dialogue on these important issues that concern each living Being upon this Turtle Island.

Remember, we are not just brothers and sisters to our fellow human Beings but we are also related to our four legged Beings. The swimmers, the creepy crawlers, the Plant Nations and the winged ones all share Turtle Island with us. We are all made from the same Earth Mother and we breath the same life giving air; we absorb the same life giving energies that the sun rays offer us. So with that I’d like to offer a video made by the Hopi Nation to reflect upon and may we join in to offer our healing thoughts in whatever manner is comfortable from our own self.

Mitakuye Oyasin
We Are All Related
We Are Related to All

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  1. Cher says:

    I look forward to reading more my friend.
    Very powerful and inspiring!
    Thnx sweetie!
    Love ya!

  2. Caz Caswell says:

    Lovely article Sheryl, I share the thoughts of you all, we Are Brothers & Sisters of this Mother Earth, we each and every one should link together and form an unbreakable union.
    I offer my humble Healing to All, and to that end I offer this Healing Meditation Freely for it will help many.

    Healing meditation.
    Before you begin, calm the mind by doing the breathing meditation.
    Breathing naturally, concentrate on your breath without being distracted.
    As you breathe out imagine that you are exhaling all negative thoughts.

    As you breathe in imagine that you are inhaling love, kindness, blessings, and peace in the form of pure white light, that fills you with a calm feeling.
    Continue with this meditation for a few minutes, or until your mind is calm and peaceful.
    When you are relaxed, begin the Healing.

    You are standing under a shower, which is washing you with whitish-blue light.
    The light enters your being through the top of your head ‘The Crown Chakra’ and then washes through your body, cleansing it of impurities.
    Feel the Universal Life Force enter your head and go down your neck, and outwards to the shoulders until it fills the arms and hands.
    Let the light continue down through your chest, back and torso, and down through your legs and into your feet.
    Feel the light taking out all the impurities and toxins from your body, and if there are any parts of your body that need special healing, focus on them and let the light purify them.
    Let the light do this until you feel that your whole body has been cleansed.
    You may need to do this several times before you feel completely purified.
    When the light has cleansed and purified you, let it take the impurities from your body out through the soles of your feet and into the earth below, where they are cleansed until they disappear.
    In Love & Peace Always
    Caz Mahayana Chi Master

  3. Jenny Dooley says:

    This was great, thanks. I look forward to more articles from you Sheryl.

  4. Ramona says:

    Sheryl your words of wisdom bring much, to those of us in these chaotic times. Thank you for accepting this challenge, which will benefit all of us.

    I so look forward to reading each of your articles and I thank you for this one..

  5. wooddragonxx says:

    Thank you Sheryl, that is a great article. And as everyone else wrote, looking forward to reading more…

    Thank you Caz for you’re healing mediation too, much appreciated.

    Peace to you all…

  6. Jo-Ann Harris says:

    Congrats on your article Dandelion. It was an excellent read and very inspiring.

    I agree with you. Mother Nature is tired of us ravaging and neglecting her. She is sending us a strong signal. The question is, Will we listen or keep ignoring her?
    It breaks my heart and brings me to tears knowing that we hold so little respect for her and all the mysteries she holds for us to enjoy. I personally believe – Enough is enough – and we need to get back to simpler and gentler way of life that embodies respect towards nature, our fellow man, and ourselves. We have gone way to far to the extreme of the spectrum, and need to stop and take stock of what we are doing. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way, that’s why it is so heartbreaking.
    I just love the video that you added at the end of your piece. I hope it inspires others to seriously think about the ravages we are causing and the effects it has on all of Mother Natures creatures.

  7. mandi says:

    Very touching & poignant ,Sheryl, in many ways. Also as said before, inspiring!

    We should all treat our Mother earth with great respect and love. We are all related in that way.

    I also saved the vid-love it. Great job Sheryl:-)) X

    Always in peace.

  8. Sioux D. says:

    Dear sister Sheryl, as it is your beautiful nature you again speak Kindness, Truth & Wisdom.
    Yes our Mother Gaia is uneasy, at times quite irritated, she speaks & warns us….
    i feel these messages from our Animal & Plant Family as well!
    Some of us are listening/feeling/receiving….. many don’t.
    We can’t allow feelings of anger & hatred to penetrate us & be directed towards those who aren’t tuned in & have there own destructive agendas, this is what many do without using their inherent Wisdom & Awareness before reacting, unknown to many, connecting to this coarse mundane reality gives greed & apathy power, it’s sticky, magnetic & draws those in who aren’t Aware. i see this on Care2, where kind compassionate people tap into the hatred & become one with it, i understand this is called venting but we must go to the source within, fight diligently & disconnect completely from this darkness!
    We the Warriors of Love Light & Peace cannot fight fire with fire we will end up with ash, or insist on an eye for an eye, we’ll end up blind (Gandhi). We must listen with our Hearts to the Enlightened ones who walked gently upon Mother Earth… The Buddha, The Elders, Jesus & many others who have left us with their Wisdom.

    “hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by Love; this is the eternal rule.”
    The Buddha

    Those of us receiving must synchronize Together the Concentrated pure Crystalline Energy of our Body, Speech & Mind, we must all Unite with Universal Love to rise above the darkness & onto the completely Pure realm of our Collective Consciousness, there we will make the difference TOGETHER.

  9. Beautifully said Sheryl…hope to see you here again soon. The video is spectacular…thanks for sharing.

  10. Clive says:

    Nice site. Some useful and knowlegeable articles. Hopefully I can produce something like this myself.

  11. Linda G says:

    A beautiful and truth filled article that is inspiring and uniting. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all. Together with all creatures we create a beautiful tapestry on our Earth Mother and must strive to live in harmony with her and each other.

  12. Janet Geren says:

    Sheryl, This is so lovely. Thank you, yes we are all connected and related(-:

  13. Beautiful message Dandelion as is everything of yours that I’ve read. Thank you Caz for the meditation.

  14. Henriette Matthijssen says:

    Thanks for your lovely article spoken from the heart! And the very Wonderful Video! Powerful message! Thanks Dandelion!

  15. Pamylle says:

    You absolutely speak my heart here, dear Sheryl; well-said. Thank you !

  16. Mark May says:

    Welcome aboard Sheryl,

    Inspiring words like yours are just what we need. I strongly believe our movement to a green economy rests on the shoulders of the masses. Words like yours help put it in to perspective. I urge all SEN readers to pull away from our flawed system. We can start by banking in small local institutions, and buying locally made products. I urge people to take a break from pumping their savings into a rigged stock market and instead invest in retrofitting their home with proper insulation and solar panels. The technology exists where we can all live off the grid with out moving to Timbucktoo. In fact much of this technology was scuttled 100 years ago to make way for the current system of poisonous petroleum based extortion. Basically all we have to do is STOP SENDING THEM OUR MONEY.

    I’ll be reporting in from time to time to show all Turtle Island inhabitants what we can do to heal Turtle Island.

  17. Rajna says:

    Dear Sheryl,
    Thank you for brighten this World with your words of Wisdom&Compassion&Love.

  18. Patty says:

    Tthank you Sheryl. Beautifully written! We must stop drilling holes into our Earth Mother. It creates an imbalance in her skin. Fluids are constantly being removed to allay man’s greed. Soon she will be an empty sack.

    I love the Hopi music and video too.

  19. Rebecca F. says:

    Congrats, Sheryl!
    I’ve always said that you have a beautiful writing style and should write for a newspaper or website!
    I look forward to reading more from you!

  20. Natalie J. says:

    Thank you Sheryl for the great article, I agree we should walk softly on the earth and treat her well, and we are all connected. I enjoy reading your articles and watching the videos!

  21. Mother earth has been warning us in so many ways and for so very long now, no more! No more!

    Sheryl you have always been one that understood this. Your heart is full of that which mother earth demands of us all, respect for her bounty, diversity. I am so pleased to see you doing what you do best Sheryl. Sharing, teaching, reaching beyond that which yet divides some of the less enlightened in the world.

    Yours is a voice that touches the spirit with great passion and sound reasoning..Thank you my friend. Peace, Barbara

  22. Shaheen says:

    Thanks Sheryl / Dandelion for a beautiful & inspiring article. Its simply written which leaves a mark. Looking forward to more articles. You have always been a Beam of Light on Care2. GOD bless you.

    P.S. Thanks for sharing the Video too.
    In Peace, Shaheen.

  23. Vikram Chhabra says:

    Wonderful and inspiring words Sheryl!

  24. Melody Aragorn says:

    As you walk in beauty and sing life’s song,
    Sharing and caring for our mother Earth..
    The truth hidden, the lies told,
    a new journey rightly you unfold.
    For the ones who wish to see and live the change,
    You have touched a cord in their hearts to do the same..
    Just wanted to let you know that you are truely blessed..
    Your wisdom, and love exceeds all..
    For LIFE as a part of Life you have planted a seed
    For life to stay ALIVE and breathe!!
    To be able to converse straight from the heart and reach out to touch anothers heart is what Angels do!!

    Love to hear more from you…
    Powerful, inspiring, straight from the heart article rated as a must read anytime….

    Bless you always..

  25. Bill Craig says:

    Well done, Sheryl! Please keep up the good work.

  26. Sister Sheryl, I stand in ovation for your enlightenment of wisdom in every fabric of your soul you have intertwined the knowledge threw channeling Mother Earth & Father Sky ~ to be what it is today, we stand in our Circle of Truth embracing the intellect & emotion in balancing our energies together.. Emaho my beautiful sister for what you have brought to the round table of truth upon us all.

  27. In these past few years we have all experienced something of the Spirit within knowledge of a higher source and in the creation we have removed what once related to as the unknown of Whys and Why not

    Without going threw the entire decades of trauma I have stepped into this place of Loving energy and I wanted to share with you and others the peaceful moments we have shared together in a world filled with disharmony..

    We have so much to look forward to embracing ourselves in the mist of wonderment of the mind so beautifully drawn enhancing our love for human contact, today I ask to share this with you and hope to pour out to you and others this enormous amount of loving energies..

    We come upon what our day has given unto us we can look into the mirror of thought and know that our day was filled with ultimate grace of humor and intelligence of knowledge..

    Your Friend Sister Glenda

  28. Laurel Wingfield says:

    This is a beautiful, thoughtful article, and a plea to humanity to be better than we are. Sadly, we seem not to learn from our mistakes, or to use the intelligence we were born with, so we build housing estates on flood plains, and wonder why our homes get flooded when rivers burst their banks. We wonder why whole towns are swept away, and the debris buried in landslides, when we have cut down all the trees; their roots were holding the earth in place. We wonder why more and more of our children are born with asthma and birth defects, and why there is so much illness, while we continue to pump poison into our air, water and earth. We wonder why the poorest must suffer the most, in the most marginal lands on Earth, as they watch their farmlands turn to desert, and are driven into the crammed, wretched and rapidly expanding slums of the big cities in the Third World, desperate to make enough money even just to buy food. And we never seem to understand the blindingly obvious; that if tsunamis happened in the past, they will happen again. So, we build nuclear power stations in a country where severe earthquakes and tsunamis happen.

    We have only one Earth, yet we have little regard for it – not when there’s money to be made. We all have to live here, rich and poor, but the obscenely-rich multi-national corporations who could do the most to protect this Earth, do the most do damage it, often acting illegally, all in the name of money and power. Add to this, a human population growing to unsustainable levels, crowding out other species of animals to the point of extinction, perhaps saving a few in protected, inadequate reserves, but how many more have been lost? We plunder the Earth, and defile it with open-cast mining, land clearance of the last remaining rainforests, illegal logging, desperate, marginalized people pushed further and further in search of a little plot of land on which to grow food to feed their families – even if this means tearing down irreplaceable rainforests. We fight wars over oil, and leave wastelands and death. We refuse to recycle; instead of turning our waste into fuel, we take an evolutionary step backwards with so-called ‘biomass power stations’, which burn millions of tons of trees. In my home city of Southampton, in the south of England, there are proposals to build a biomass power station, which will import timber from abroad! It’s insanity!

    But the Earth has endured for four billion years, and will survive long after the Human Race is extinct. Even if we leave the Earth a radioactive wasteland, it will recover. The Earth has survived massive meteorite impacts, which wiped out the dinosaurs and the species that existed before them. Earth will survive for another estimated five billion years, until our Sun grows into a red giant, and all life existing on the world its inhabitants once named Earth, is burned away. Earth will endure, and it is we, who will be more easily destroyed. And we are too arrogant, too blind, too focussed on making money – often at the expense of everyone around us – to understand that. We, as a species, need to WAKE UP, AND SAVE OURSELVES, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  29. Caitlin Mac'Iver says:

    I enjoyed every word, Sheryl, and respect your open questions asked with such gentleness. You are one brave Indian woman, Sheryl, and speak to all of us with such heart. Thank you for sharing the Hopi message as well. Both messages are so much what we need in this day of selfish greed admired by so many who do not understand how we are all related.

    And thank you so much Caz for the lovely meditation. It is a healing I so look forward to receiving. Namaste’.

  30. patricia jones says:

    We want to thank you for your insightful article Sheryl. The Hopi know that what is happening to our earth has happened before. It must run its’ course and the earth cleansed to start anew.
    We are all here on Earth with conditions to fulfill. How we do that is up to our conscience but we are never alone and if we ask for help we will receive it. No one knows this better than the indigenous peoples of our planet.

    Thanks for sharing Sheryl.

  31. Krasimira Buyuklieva-Darzeva says:

    Thank you Sheryl for the thoughtful article. Congratulations!

  32. Linda Chambre says:

    Wonderful. I have a friend in Japan. And I did not heard from him for 2 weeks. Just heard from him and he and his family and friends are ok. He said so many people have died, it is so sad. I am so happy that he is alive.

  33. Warrior Tall Heron says:

    I have know the writer for many years and have heard the offerings of shared wisdom.
    It would be so wrong if only Native American Indans where able to understand these shared thoughts. Although, there is always hope in finding a deaf ear or a soul willing to save a piece of the future, the future for all children, now and yet born.
    I offer, my prayers. Tahoe
    Warrior Tall Heron, Maine

  34. Denise Lytle says:

    Sheryl, this was such a well-written & thoughtful article, one we ALL need to pay attention to, as you speak very true words. I feel we ARE irritating Mama Earth & she’s trying to cleanse herself.

  35. Gregory Hilbert says:

    Thank you Sheryl for who you are and all you do to bring out the best in all of us.

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