Memorial Tribute to Hugh MacDougall

Memorial Tribute to Hugh MacDougall

“We are sending the power of love, peace and compassion, which can change the world.” — Hugh MacDougall, Australia, SEN Honorary Advisor

Dec 2, 1951 - Jan 28, 2011

Hugh was more to Suzanne and I than SEN’s Honorary Spiritual Advisor. He was the beloved friend we called brother, and he was truly a friend not just to many on Care2, but to every peace-loving person on earth.

More than a gentle giant, he was thoroughly kind, wise, compassionate and loving. Indeed, he was a man of grace and humanitarian divinity.

As Suzanne said to Hugh’s children Ellen and Peter last night, “Hugh will live on forever in our hearts. He has been and always shall be a true inspiration.”

We can find no words in greater tribute to his memory than those he shared with us on Care2 and here on SEN.

We share below a few notable links for our beloved friend and brother, Hugh MacDougall:

Hugh’s message that inspired a prayer chain that circled the world.

Hugh’s profound appeals he subsequently posted on his SEN blog, the last just a short time ago.

Hugh’s personal blog with thoughts, travels and more

God Bless You Hugh and All of the Many Who Loved You Worldwide,

Your Brother Gregory and Your Sister Suzanne


  1. John Coleman says:

    I was honored to have Hugh as a friend, a very spiritual and peace-loving man.
    His commentary always reflected contemplation and empathy.
    Hugh will be missed greatly.

    John Cause

  2. Bee ZZ says:

    Loving Tribute to this Great, Loving Personality and to his Big Heart.


  3. Olivia Schlosser says:

    I am saddened to hear of Hugh’s passing…he will truly be missed. Hopefully he will be able to continue his good work from the higher level…without all the obstacles we face at our lower, greedy one.

  4. Jeannette Austin says:

    My heart is broken….

  5. Hugh buddy….you were a man of great respect , wisdon and honor. You will be missed so very much. You had the biggest loving, kind heart of anyone I’ve ever known and may the lessons that you tried to instill in each and every one of us…..carry on! Rest in peace, my friend. Rest in Peace!

  6. Amour says:

    Thank You Dearest Hugh* for all the Love You Shared with us* How could we ever forget Your Gentle Caring Spirit* Much Love to You on Your next journey*

  7. Carrie Burton says:

    I am truly sad and my heart is breaking over this news. Hugh will be missed by many. May he rest in peace!

  8. Tom Edgar says:

    I daresay I have been a friend of Hughie’s longer than most. Enigmatically he, a many times born again, Christian of varying intensities, and I a lifelong atheist.

    I photographed his wedding, and many years later Hugh took over my business, before going off to China. Oh! we disagreed on religious matters but not in so many other areas.

    Whilst Hugh, and Joy’s marriage didn’t stay the distance physically he told me,so often, of his deep love for his children, and respect and admiration for Joy, a sentiment I share, who deep down he still loved.

    His philosophies and homilies were many and varied and usually coupled with that inherited Glaswegian sense of humour, although not a true son of Glasgow. The one that stays with me is a conversation we had, on this occasion I said. “Hughie where I come from you learned to fight or learned to run.”…. “Och ’twas the same in Glasgow. I couldn’a run and I couldn’a fight so I learned to pray.” “Did it work then?”….”Nae , the other kids still beat up on me.”

    Hughie was very much a “Dreamer.” and was always contemplating some venture which would benefit others as well as becoming an artistic venture or eve just another adventure,which led him to looking into the possibility of moving close to my home town. It was very recently I talked him out of buying a residence in Northern N S W. He was himself, so honest, he couldn’t really believe the agent, and owner were less than truthful themselves, and this enterprise he had, once again, visualised, was not a wise one.

    Never a robust healthy man, his time in China,where being treated by a Traditional Chinese Doctor was really his undoing. He returned home to Australia only just in time for the Brisbane Hospital to save him, but for such a short time. He’s one bonzer bloke that my son, and I am really going to miss.

    Well Hughie, on crossing the Styx, may well never find that was the end. But the young fella had many, varied, voyages in his life, touched many, each and every one gaining something from just knowing him, whether electronically or personally.

    The world is a better place with the likes of Hughie, and a sadder one without them. Loved him like another son,,, Och awa wi ye. and thanks for being a lovable Scottish git…..

  9. FreeSpirit Running says:

    My sweet brother in spirit Hugh ~ I shall miss you dearly, as you have touched not only my heart but my soul as well. My heart hurts at such a great loss for us on the earthly plane, but the spiritual plane is gaining one heck of an angel! I love you always & forever dearest Hugh & you will always remain in my heart & thoughts. We will meet again in the spirit world. Thank you for being there when I needed you most & for being my brother & offering me such utterly inspiring words, I salute you gentle Hugh! Rest now my brother…I remain your sister in soul. Bless you sweetie *weep*

  10. May the Light that shone through Hugh be everlasting in all our hearts and his compassionate, loving peaceful soul that was shared so generously, now find Eternal Rest and Peace. His legacy lives on!

    Thank you Gregory for posting this Memorial Tribute to Hugh Mc Dougall

  11. Very sad to see someone you have respected and who gave respect in kind, leave us. Bitter sweet are the emotions I’m feeling. As a follower of the Fisher of men I know Hugh is where he should be, among the angels that watch over the rest of us.. My human side wish he were here to share his wisdom and the faith he deeply held! My deep appreciation of the teachings of the Christ say that Hugh is where he should be and, prayfully, where we’ll all be one day. Thank you Gregory for letting us know of his passing & putting up a memorial in Hugh’s Name.

  12. Trish K says:

    Happy Trails Dear Hugh and Thank You for the Star

  13. My Beloved Hugh,
    There are not words for describe you. I think you were an Angel in disguise, here on planet Earth. I will miss you so much, but I know that you are in Heaven now, walking beside Jesus and that, make my Heart feels content. I’m so proud to be one of your friends, and I’m talking in present tense, because for me and for many, many other, you will LIVE in our Hearts Forever!
    GOD Bless you and Rest In Peace my Beloved Friend Hugh.
    Sending you Much Love, Respect, and Prayers, not only for you, but to your Beloved and Precious Family, too.
    Dalia E. Hettfield♥

  14. Thank You so much my Beloved Friends, Suzanne and Gregory, for this Beautful Tribute to our Beloved Hugh.
    GOD Bless You Forever!
    Much Love and Light,
    Dalia E.

  15. Ramona Thompson says:

    I only knew Hugh a short time on Care2. But because of his caring heart I became involved in the Amnesty International Letter Writing Campaign this year for political prisoners including the Womens Rights Activists in Guatemala and China.

    Hugh, you truly left this world a better place. Would that many gentlemen, as you were, passed this way and made the lovely difference that you did in many, many hearts and changed so many lives as you did. A life well lived, with many lights of joy because of you dear friend.

    Thank you for this loving Memorial Tribute to Hugh McDougall.

  16. Dandelion says:

    I know for Gregory and Suzanne this was one of the hardest post you had to put out there. I know it would of been for me, and I am still fighting the tears as I write this. Although I never met Hugh in person, in the physical sense, I still met him. I felt his Heart, is persona, his essence, and he was Love. Pure and simple Love. Although I’m sure he’d be the first to say, I’m not perfect, he was certainly a rare gem in this world and I’m so Honored that Great Spirit allowed me to cross paths with him, even for a short time, and even from a distance.

    Tom Edgar, thank you for leaving the comment on here. I savored every word of it as it was from someone who knew Hugh or Hughie as you so affectionately called him, for a long time in your life. My sympathies to you for your loss must be deep as you referred to him as like a son. Having lost a woman, last month, that I loved, who was “just like a Mother” I know how strong and deep that bond can go. Thank you for sharing the words that you did, it was as I expected he would be, in person and not just on the internet.

    I also express my sincerest condolences to Ellen and Peter for the loss of your Dad. He must of been a tremendous influence in your life and I’m sure you will miss him deeply. There is never enough time with those we love, but cherish all the good times, hold those memories tight, and he will live on through those. I am so deeply indebted in my heart that I had the privilege to have met your kind Father. He stood for all that is good upon this Earth and is the beacon of what the Human Being should stand for. I’m sure you are very proud of him, for all he has done to try to make the world a better place. I want you to know that your Dad was able to reach out beyond his sphere of physical location and he touched many lives in many Countries.

    As the Lakota would say, Hugh has dropped his robes and has taken his journey to the Spirit World. His ancestors await him where he will join all who have gone before him. One day, Hugh will greet those who are left behind, and so the Circle of Life goes on. We are always part of the Great Circle, we just move to another spot along the Circle. It isn’t an end, just a new beginning for Hugh. Thank you Hugh for your kind emails, your support of causes that were important to me that you aided me in, thank you for the Light you showed to me, for you touched my Heart and that will remain with me forever.

  17. Charmaine says:

    It is with great sadness that I write ” fond farewell” to you, Hugh. God Bless you friend and kindred spirit. Love to you for the last time, Charmaine x

  18. Many pass without reaching others than their immediate family and friends. This cannot be said Hugh MacDougall. He reached out and touched many around the world with his words of kindness, peace and love. He leaves us now but his legacy of words will remain. My deepest sympathy for those who must weep at his passing. Rest in Peace Hugh my Friend.
    Bob Williamson
    Greenhouse Neutral Foundation

  19. Ricardo says:

    The loved ones that leave us, do not abandon us, they simply wait for us…

  20. Henriette Matthijssen says:

    RIP Hugh! You left this world but not our hearts as we will continue to be inspired by your spirit in our continued efforts to make positive changes for all beings on this earth! A true friend to all who knew you! I enjoyed reading your many contributions on Care2! God Bless.

  21. naoko says:

    I have no words to hear this sad news. I had an honor to be a friends of him on Care2, but even before that, he had been an inspiration and enlightenment with his thoughtful comments.

    I miss him.

  22. Judith Pecho says:

    So very sad to hear of Hugh’s passing on to his next challenge. He gave so very much to Care2 and made so many heartfelt lessons to all of us. May he become aware of all the good that he accomplished during this time on earth. I will miss seeing his name and reading his wisdom. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

  23. H Nick Hardy says:

    I’m sad at your passing, but you are now in your transistion to a higher and better place. You will be missed here. And know that you left such wonderful positive things for everyone. Nick

  24. PENELOPA says:

    God will receive one of the best …
    May we have the power to continue his great and lighting principles and beliefs.

    Rest in peace and

  25. Jenny Dooley says:

    Such a sad loss. Dear Hugh has been an inspiration to me and many others. My thoughts go to his loved ones.

  26. Andrew Geoffrey Ingram says:

    Although I never knew Hugh well, the few times I had the pleasure to meet him have left me with fond memories. I count his children, Peter and Ellen, as among my closest friends, and for them being two of the most wonderful people I know, I believe that says a lot about Hugh as a father and role model.

    You will be missed Hugh!

  27. Philip "Pommy" Waslin says:

    I knew Hugh in China and kept in contact with him thereafter. Many a time we would have very deep conversations about life. He was wise and gentle soul, and will be missed.

    My only solace is that he passed away very peacefully.

    One of life’s gentlemen!

    I am sure you are taking some wonderful photographs up there in Paradise, Hugh.

    Rest in peace, mate.

  28. Sue says:

    My heart is broken.

  29. Barb Knight says:

    I didn’t know Hugh but from what I’ve read about him in this blog, he was one of those extraordinary people who only come once in a lifetime. We are all linked together on this precious, vulnerable, planet and I’m happy that Hugh was fortunate enough to explore it. His spirit will forever live on in all nature he visited. Whenever you’re enjoying nature, you are sure to hear him whispering in the wind. I somehow know he wouldn’t have it any other way. He was a part of nature, a part of God. He will be missed by all his friends.

  30. John Farnham says:

    I came here to check and see if Gregory was up and running to this sad pass. Hugh’s wisdom will be missed. But I am reminded of good advice about these special lives which sometimes fill me with wonder and even awe : my gratitude for what they gave far outweighs my regrets that they have gone the way of all flesh.

  31. Caitlin Mac'Iver says:

    I did not know Hugh… only learned of him after he died… and I feel robbed of the privilege of knowing him. My heart goes out to all who remember fondly and who will always miss him, especially his family. Peace be with you, Hugh. You did a good job while visiting here on Earth.

  32. Cam Vallee says:

    I got to know Hugh during my wanderings in the Care 2 news links. We disagreed more than we agreed but he was someone you listened to. Spoke with great concern and passion for what he believed and his voice is greatly missed.

  33. Nikki says:

    Hi Hugh,
    I have been overseas for the last 10 years and have been thinking about you, wondering what you are doing these days! Did a long search tonight on google, and I am too late. You have gone… Will miss you, and thank you so much for your support while I worked in Collinsville. You always brightened up my day when you visited me at work, in the never ending battle. Take care, you will never leave my thoughts, and I can still see you sitting on the steps at work, X

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