Petition for Global Warming Facts on Fox

Demand Global Warming Facts on Fox News

SEN’s Prayer for Mother Earth got an answer with Rupert Murdoch’s admission that Global Warming IS real. Murdoch owns News Corp and News Corp owns Fox News. Now we petition Murdoch and News Corp to require Global Warming Facts on Fox News, where panderers like Glenn Beck claim Global Warming is “a hoax” and Sarah Palin calls it “snake-oil science”.

The Union of Concerned Scientists & have followed our lead, you can sign all 3 petitions right now! 

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Click Here to sign SEN’s Fox News Petition on SEN

Click Here to Sign SEN’s Fox News Petition on Care2

Click Here for a Huffington-posted Article by Mary Ellen Harte PhD and John Harte PhD calling for Signatures, Addressing Climate Change: Bring On the Powerhouse Communicators.

Click here for cooltheearth updates and a free PDF Global Warming book authored by the Hartes.




Good news for Palin Alaska Boycott Campaign!

The coalition we champion at Palin Alaska Boycott Central on SEN gained another boost this week from Credo, which will unleash a ramp-up of the pressure on Discovery Communications during its annual shareholder meeting in NYC. And Defenders of Wildlife is placing posters there (SEN contributed) condemning Discovery for buying Palin’s Alaska to air on TLC.


As SEN’s Co-Founder Gregory Hilbert told Huffington bloggers Mary Ellen Harte PhD and John Harte PhD of cooltheearth*, “The Discovery Palin Alaska petition-condemnation-boycott campaigns by Defenders of Wildlife, Credo,, Center for Biodiversity, Care2 Petitioners, Facebook groups and SEN have already obtained over 550,000 signatures.”

Every week brings another organization or campaign, more blogs, and more televised ridicule of Palin**. By the time Alaska airs, if it does, the number engaged by signature alone would easily exceed one million. And if Palin Alaska airs, there will then be boycott fury!”

“Murdoch, News Corp and Fox News? I think we have a fair chance of getting results faster with a simple petition than we have with Discovery Communications. Murdoch and News Corp already put their names on the line for Global Warming. Discovery’s CEO put his on the line for Palin. We know Discovery’s advertisers are snickering about it. Let’s hope Discovery’s shareholders feel the heat from Credo, and let Discovery’s CEO know they don’t think this thing is shaping up to be funny.”

Click Here for Palin Alaska Boycott Central on SEN to Join the ACTION!YouTube Preview Image

SEN is pleased to announce its latest Honorary Advisor, Mark Terry, President of Polar Cap Productions in Canada. Mark is the Producer of The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning.

In addition to an SEN Honorary Advisorship to Mark, Green Education Network has awarded the film GEN’s Seal of Approval, which grants PCP the cost-free right to display and charactertize the Seal award as it wishes. The international award-winning documentary, The Antarctica Challenge, is a TV-hour HD film that explores the past, present and future of scientific exploration on the world’s most mysterious continent with a focus on the latest discoveries of climate change researchers. Previously unreleased data raise alarming questions about what is happening on Antarctica and its impact on the rest of the world.

The Antarctica Challenge has been invited to the IPY Science Conference in Oslo, Norway, June 8 to 12. Only 10 films were selected to screen to the world’s scientific community gathering for this historic event. This film is the only one being screened three times and has also been invited to the PolarCINEMA Film Festival in Oslo at the same time.

The filmmakers are raising funds to help support their involvement in this high-profile event. Five sponsorships are available at $1,000 each. (If you’re interested, Mr Murdoch or News Corp, please contact

SEN wishes to thank Lynn Hasselberger, an environmental champion and friend who blogs at , for bringing The Antarctica Challenge to our attention. It comes as no surprise that among our friends in common is Janet Hughs, already resident with SEN Co-Founder Suzanne Sparling and Greenhouse Neutral Foundation Chairman Bob Williamson in Gregory Hilbert’s astonishing “They Make It All Worthwhile and Glorious” (click to download PDF stored on mediafire). Lynn surely belongs with the Harte’s and the many others including Care2 friends to be added to the 2010 edition!

Listen to the Harte’s (photos above) daily Climate Change Report at: www.CoolTheEarth.US/climate-report.php and visit Greenhouse Neutral Foundation for current news.

Bob Williamson, Founder & Chair, Greenhouse Neutral Foundation

** Jay Leno delivering the latest ridicule of Palin at the May 1, 2010 White House Correspondents dinner. “There’s talk now that this oil slick could end up being bigger than that huge disaster they had up in Alaska.” [Pause before the punch line...] “Really? Bigger than Sarah Palin?”



  1. Gregory Hilbert says:

    Dear Gregory,

    This Wednesday, Discovery Communications shareholders will meet at their headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

    And thanks to the support of people like you, they’ll be met with our powerful ads in nearby bus stops and the subway station — including a large banner they can see from their headquarters.

    We need your voices to lead the growing chorus demanding Discovery pull the plug on Sarah Palin’s Alaska — a new show giving the former Alaska governor a golden opportunity to greenwash her anti-wildlife and anti-conservation record. The shareholder’s meeting is Wednesday — so please call today!

    Please call (240) 662-2000 today between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern. To ensure your voice is heard, press 0 immediately to be transferred to an operator and deliver this important message in your own words:

    “My name is Gregory and I’m calling from Glastonbury, CT. As someone who cares about wildlife, the environment and responsible TV programming, I am extremely disappointed in Discovery Communications’ decision to broadcast Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

    [Please indicate which Discovery TV stations you watch, if any--e.g., TLC, Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel.]

    Providing this platform for Palin will either feature her extreme anti-wildlife and anti-conservation views or greenwash her reputation. This undermines Discovery’s credibility and flies in the face of the reputation for quality wildlife programming that the company has worked so hard to build. Please pull the plug on Sarah Palin’s Alaska immediately. Thank you for your time.

    If the operator transfers you to Viewer Relations or another department, please wait through the recording until you are able to leave your message for Discovery.

    Then be sure to let us know you called.

    Even as a disastrous oil spill threatens the Gulf Coast and its wildlife, Sarah Palin is still championing “drill here, drill now” — an odd refrain from a former governor whose state was devastated by the Exxon Valdez spill. But it’s no surprise coming from Palin, who escalated Alaska’s unscientific and brutal aerial wolf hunts, and fought against protecting struggling polar bears and Cook Inlet belugas.

    Our powerful campaign to pull the plug on Sarah Palin’s Alaska is going strong — together with our partners, we’ve already generated more than 525,000 messages to the network demanding that they pull the plug on Palin’s show. We’ve also completely overwhelmed Discovery’s Facebook pages for TLC, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

    We have a real shot at winning, but we need your voices now to make it happen!

  2. Thanks for educating all of us on this. I just wrote a story on factory farming being the leading cause of green house gas emissions. Palin on TV is another reason to cancel my cable subscription.

    –Michele’s efforts for animal life won her website a Seal of Approval from Green Education Network and a presence on our Teach Your Kids page at –SEN

  3. D L says:

    been following your blog for weeks now and loving your posts. have subscribed to your blog and telling everyone i know to subscribe and spread the word too.

  4. Pat Middleton says:

    I never thought I’d see the day Rupert Murdoch would do anything decent, and even if his motives are self-serving, at least it adds to the wake-up call that Global Warming is all too real. I think the petition to get his company to require some factual reporting about global warming on Fox News is a great idea, so I gladly signed.

    And the sooner Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin go to the hell where they belong, the better the chance their followers will have to make it to heaven!

  5. Andy Sailer says:


  6. Issac Maez says:

    Admin deleted a link to a video provided by the commenter, but appreciates documentation of the fact that even right-wing leader Carl Rove has slammed Fox News hosts.

  7. Adelle says:

    Terrific work! This should be shared around the web.

  8. Daniel Mchenry says:

    Great Information. Please spread the word ASAP.

  9. Connie McCurty says:

    Great idea, I signed all three. Millions are misled by those charlatans on Fox.

  10. Becky Frasier says:

    I despise Fox and Murdoch too for that matter, but I see the wisdom of this action and so I signed all three petitions. Will alert my friends to this and also your Gulf Oil Disaster Action Central and Palin Alaska Boycott Central. Kudos to SEN and its Care2 friends and also the Hartes on Huffington for exemplary leadership!

  11. Barbara Kantola says:

    Thank goodness they are bringing themselves to the 21st Century and the facts that our planet is in deep trouble. We need to help our planet Earth. Cannot be done with denying it is in danger. If we continue to destroy our planet, where will we live?

  12. Jelica says:

    Signed all, TY Gregory

  13. ioan Pop says:


  14. Peter Morrison says:

    Great idea, happy to sign.

  15. Emma Wickham says:

    I signed the petitions and dare Rupert Murdoch to prove he has at least one bone in his body that is not that of a greedy hypocrite.

  16. Tom Maynard says:

    Signed, and thank you for helping get more oars in the water. The campaign to sow skepticism about our need for clean energy is maddening but cannot be ignored.

  17. JulieAnn Zserdin says:

    this needs to get out to the public.

  18. Marvin Engard says:

    Good job. I’m with you.

  19. Fred Garthee says:

    The enviromental and economic effects of this are devastating. Every bird I see covered with oil makes my blood boil. I can’t believe what we are doing for oil.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I often read your blog and always find it very interesting. Thought it was about time i let you know…Keep up the great work

  21. Anonymous says:

    Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I usually get irked when folks discuss issues that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication. Maybe, people can take a signal. Will be back. Thanks

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