Millions Are Outraged! Now the Actions!

Click Here For Kimmel’s Video on ABC

Please Note: Kimmel’s Condemnation Video is Comedic, but uses animation and special effects to imitate (ie fake) Sarah Palin shooting Alaskan Wildlife. Also, there is a 30-second ad before the two-minute Kimmel video starts.

Click Here to Condemn and Boycott Discovery Communications and its advertisers for Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Palin champions aerial killing of wolves, opposes protection of whales and polar bears, and snears that global warming is “snake oil science”. Click here to first see two more Condemnation Boycott sign-ons you’ll have the option to make when you click above.


BOYCOTT NOW: Discovery Retail Stores, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Unilever’s Dove Soap and Degree Deodorant.


NO “DOVE” Soap! NO ”DEGREE” Deodorant!

Not Until Unilever Helps Us Wash the Stink of Palin Off Discovery’s TLC!

SEN’s Endangered Discovery Advertisers List:

Volkswagen    Target Corporation   Bally Fitness Inc   Toyota Inc   Yahoo   Frito-Lay     Proctor & Gamble    Unilever Products (Dove Soap, Degree Deodorant)    Nationwide    Sprint    Johnson & Johnson

The advertisers above are not yet guilty of subsidizing Sarah Palin’s Alaska — watch for updates — but we will start our boycott action of them in advance with Unilever’s Dove Soap and Degree Deodorant, as a shot across their bow. (Sorry Unilever, you take the first fall for all. We know something about advertising, and your soap and deodorant were just the thing for that catchy and memorable line about washing Palin’s stink off TLC. Besides, Dove uses palm oil and you test chemicals on helpless animals). The rest of you endangered advertisers please be forewarned. Your brands and profits will suffer dearly for years if you do not help us. Some of you are especially vulnerable, and as Naisbitt warned you decades ago, the internet vastly increases the power of individuals, small orgs, and guerilla activists. VASTLY. And once we set things in motion, we can’t pull them back. That’s the downside of internet-empowered action. Don’t let it become yours.  Maybe you should get your media buyer and agency on the phone to Discovery Communications right now, before this thing gets out of hand and you suffer the downside even before the airing date is announced.

Click to Threaten Addition of Alaska Travel to Boycott

Millions of adults and children who care deeply about wildlife, millions profoundly concerned about the environment — millions of wheelchair-bound, elderly, home-bound and others who cannot easily get out to enjoy nature and wildlife who rely on TV to experience it vicariously – none should have to watch someone host a program they know is a champion of its killing and destruction!

What Discovery Communications is doing is vile and shameful! Discovery Communications revenue in 2009 was $3.5 BILLION. Profit was $552 MILLION. Greedy CEO Peter Liguori boasted he signed Palin no doubt thinking it would add to that profit and his bonus. We will be relentless to insure it doesn’t if it takes us all year and into the next. We will make the write-off of the $8 million to Palin look like a bargain. And Discovery advertisers will pay a worse price than he, far worse. Corporate greed, that’s what I hate. The BEHAVIOR of a THING that robs most of its employees of their humanity while it destroys life and the resources that sustain it for the profit of a wealthy few! — Gregory Hilbert, Co-Founder SEN

Here’s Discovery’s Boast “Discovery Communications is so excited to help Sarah Palin tell the story of Alaska, and to have a great documentary filmmaker in Mark Burnett helping to reveal Alaska’s powerful beauty as it has never been filmed, and as told by one of the state’s proudest daughters,” said Peter Liguori, Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Communications. ” We are confident SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA will be another compelling television event,” said the President of TLC,  the channel on which the program is to air. “With a dynamic personality that has captivated millions, I can’t think of anyone more compelling than Sarah Palin to tell the story of Alaska,” said Burnett.

Call Discovery 212-548-5555, tell ‘em what YOU think! 

Text of Gregory Hilbert’s Message to Advertising Age

“I’m commenting only for the benefit of anyone now advertising on ANY of the major Discovery Communications channels, or contemplating a buy before or during the airing of Palin’s Alaska on TLC. Set aside the matter of political controversy as secondary. The good Ad Age article above, and the comments above mine, grossly underestimate the galvanizing outrage of millions of people who are environmentally aware and who love wildlife and animals of all kinds that is already erupting over this. Palin is MORE infamous among those groups than she is among liberals and moderates. (You’d be well advised to find out why.) Think Pearl Harbor. Those groups I speak about are collectively analogous to the sleeping tiger Yamamoto said he feared he had awakened, and filled with a terrible resolve. Palin’s Alaska is Yamamoto’s attack. Without the element of surprise. The day of infamy is already declared coming. Tens of millions ready for war. A relentless condemnation boycott of Discovery and its advertisers is coming. Brand targeted. Urge Discovery to eat the $8MM to Palin and bail out. If not, I guarantee many brands on Discovery channels will suffer even before Palin’s Alaska airs on TLC. I know things you do not. Please consider my comment an invaluable addition to the value of the article. Please read and heed, remembering the adage of “Forewarned is forearmed” for the sake of your brand. ” — Gregory Hilbert commenting on the Ad Age article “Will Marketers Buy Into ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’?” on April 4, 2010

Huffington’s Insider Reports Advertisers & Discovery Employees Snickering Over Palin Alaska

“Last week Discovery had its annual sales conference for ad buyers for all of its 13 networks. That night the presentation was on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Our source says “the whole thing [was] comical.” Apparently the ad buyers were not impressed. This Discovery insider said, “When the promo was over, people (employees and buyers) were rolling their eyes, snickering, and even laughing. People were laughing and it’s not even a comedy. No one took it seriously.”

This person was concerned that given the lack of interest from ad buyers that Discovery would have to dump the show to “a crappy time slot” to cut its losses. They added, “Bottom line everyone thought it was a new all time low for Discovery. My guess is the show is going to tank big time.” Click here for complete April 14 article by Cenk Uygur, Host of The Young Turks, on Huffington,  a news medium SEN endorses.

SEN’s Warning of Addition of Alaska Travel to Boycott

Message April  5 to Ron Peck, CEO of the Alaska Travel Industry Association Mr Peck, I am an activist and the Co-Founder of Sustainability Education Network, Chairman of Green Education Network, a USA Director of Greenhouse Neutral Foundation, and am highly experienced in the use of the internet and media to achieve objectives.

Please consider this a warning that Alaska travel is at imminent risk of being added to a boycott that may ruin the [2011 if not the] 2010 season of your members if ATIA does not immediately issue a public statement asking Discovery Communications to cancel its plans to air Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

See: This warning will be posted below my warning to advertisers via Ad Age. Please read it most carefully. You must set aside your personal political views and act in the interests of ATIA members, who must do the same in self-interest. If you do not we will insure your members learn of it. — Thank you. Gregory Hilbert 

Click Here to Warn Alaska Travel Industry Association CEO of Boycott

THE CEO of the ALASKA TRAVEL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION replied ATIA had no position on this matter but would now pay attention to developments. BELOW IS SEN’s REPLY APRIL 12

We understand ATIA’s reluctance to become embroiled in this. It appears we need to afford ATIA no choice in the matter, so that ATIA will act to protect the interests of its members and Alaska as a place appealing for travel among those who want to shoot its wildlife with a camera and not a gun, and marvel at its wilderness more than its greed to pump the nation’s oil beneath it. We think the oil belongs to the people of the USA, and not just Alaska.

We are doing our best to give ATIA fair warning. TWO THIRDS OF SEN’s POLLED USERS WANT ALASKA TRAVEL  DECLARED ADDED TO THE BOYCOTT IMMEDIATELY. We ourselves are mindful of your upcoming conference in May. Absent issuance of a message to us expressing a hope Discovery will abandon plans for Palin’s Alaska, we must commence action soon so as to mildly impact travel to Alaska this year, and impact it far more greatly in 2011 if production of Palin’s Alaska commences and later airs on Discovery TLC.  In other words, you can be of little help to us later, nor we to you.

We hope you will not misconstrue our relatively small numbers at this time. We are just getting started and only now gaining volunteers at what has become Palin Alaska Boycott Central. Defenders of Wildlife gained over 160,000 signatures just last week, and only a few days ago launched a campaign giving our boycott a boost. Media are just beginning to report the story. Jimmy Kimmel’s bash of Palin Alaska on ABC is not the last, nor is Tina Fey’s on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

To help you appreciate the intensity of the activists who will grow the boycott action relentlessly to greater scale as the coming months unfold, we share with you below links to articles on Care2, which has 13 million members. The articles below have all made page 1 in the past two weeks, and 3 of the 4 were the most active and most read on all of Care2 for two consecutive days or more.

Bear in mind article “noters” and “commenters” are the tip of the iceberg of readership. The high number of article “noters” and commenters for a same-subject series are without precedent on Care2.  So many just from Care2 alone are now following this campaign and invested in ultimately achieving a victory,  that any announcement of the addition of Alaska travel to the boycott will be read by millions over the course of the campaign, and spread via the internet nationwide and worldwide. The same will happen on SEN and the websites of other organizations,  groups and bloggers acting in concert — including those on Facebook — all while the joined Defenders of Wildlife campaign mounts, and other wildlife and environmental groups join the action and launch campaigns among their members. The  Defenders campaign draws donations including SEN’s. Donations buy more reach. Reach brings more boycotters. The long voiceless and unheeded grow in enthusiasm and  relentless determination.  They know that THIS symbolic battle must be won. THEY will win it.

I cannot promise more than [a few] days in hopes of something we see as being in the enlightened self-interest of ATIA. We are on the verge of concluding you will not act until a boycott of Alaska travel is called and begins to have impact. Please do remember Alaska’s image as a travel destination will fall even before that impact is felt, and that once word spreads on the internet, it takes on a life of its own. It cannot be retrieved and it persists for a very long time. –Gregory Hilbert, SEN, April 12 


Green Education Network is proud to join in support of this action. We will send a Save Planet Earth car magnet FREE to every website posting a link to this page. Simply post a comment to this article below, including the url where you’ve posted a link to this page.

Greenhouse Neutral Foundation USA supports this action also. We will send a FREE Save Earth wristband donated by GEN to every blogger who posts a link to this page. Simply post a comment to this article below, including the url where you’ve posted a link to this page.

We’re Enfuriated By These Facts!

As a governor Palin did everything she could to repeal laws that protect Alaska’s wildlife and environment. During the summer of 2008 she sued the federal government over its listing of polar bears as “endangered,” claiming that a “comprehensive scientific review” had revealed that they were not in danger, and that listing them as such would be a threat to energy development. When pressed to provide this review, Palin refused. When the scientific document was later unearthed by the public, it contained only evidence that the state’s polar bears were in fact endangered. She approved $2 million in funding for a conference to tell the public that listing animals as endangered was unwarranted and costly. That money was subsequently used to pay for the polar bear lawsuit. In 2007 she offered a $150 bounty for any wolf killed in the state, until the courts deemed the bounty illegal. Scientists in the state oppose the “predator control” program she champions. Palin has repeatedly ridiculed the impact of human activity on climate change, in 2010 publicly sneering at a conference of loggers that “Global warming is snake oil science”. Palin also supported nearly every proposed mine in the state during her tenure, and supported oil and natural gas drilling in every part of the state, including in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

SEN Honors the Many Devoted of Care2′s 13 Million Users Who Joined to Launch This Condemnation Boycott, Repeatedly Making our Announcements the #1 Articles on All Of Care2! See The Difference You are Making!  — Gregory Hilbert, Co-Founder SEN

Please Help Spread the Word By Clicking the Button of Any of the Social Networks You Use At Right. It’s another way I’m trying to help you FIGHT FAST and HAVE MORE IMPACT!

If you have an organization you want us to cite and link to on this page just enter the link and your name, title and email in the comment box. We won’t post until we confirm with you. — Suzanne Sparling, Co-Founder SEN


  1. Gregory Hilbert says:

    Randy Nelson asked on May11 at 6:02PM whether SEN had any information that would explain Discovery CEO Peter Liguori’s dumbfounding and outrageous decision to sign Palin for an Alaska program. We do not. It is hard to believe he would be that out of touch with the hostility of so many Discovery viewers toward Sarah Palin. The short skirt theory makes more sense. However, it also occurs to us that Liguori may be a political conservative, most CEOs of huge corporations are. Perhaps he’s a Tea Party donor, and he saw this as a way to “donate” millions to Palin at the expense of Discovery’s shareholders. However, we do not have information that would lend credence to the thought. Perhaps he simply acted stupidly, having some affinity for Palin’s stupidity. We’ll do some further research and return asap. [One hour later] Randy, we found something! We just consulted “Bubonic Plague Mysteries”, published in 1602. Liguori’s action may well be a symptom of “sympathic stupidity bedevilment”, an affliction of the nerves transmitted by the “vapors” of an afflicted person’s breath. That would be Palin’s breath, it being well established that she is stupid and met Liguori in person, and SEN has it on good authority that she has foul breath. There you have it Randy, thank you for asking!

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  3. Karen V says:

    Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog. Thumbs up!

  4. Kris Ristau says:

    Me and my friend were arguing about this exact issue! Now I know that I was right. You guys have guts to shout it out in the open like this. It’s friggin great! Thanks for the info and taking a stand. We’re all in this together and it’s great to have a site like this where we can all scream at the greedy B’s and hit ‘em where it hurts! Can’t wait for more – keep the fires burnin!

  5. Panda C says:

    you write well and the content is superb. my sincere thanks!

  6. Lea Swiryn says:

    Love your outrage, it’s exactly how I feel and I don’t care who knows it. Discovery and its advertisers be damned!

  7. Winifred Lyons says:

    I love the slogan about washing the stink of Palin off TV! She truly is putrid, and Dove is now a dirty word at our house.

  8. E Fukada says:

    I very much agree with this action, it is symbolic and I want to teach corporations like Discovery a lesson.

  9. Doris Lehr says:

    Thank you…you are very informative. I am sharing your information with all my friends.

  10. Liliana B says:

    If Discovery’s CEO is the smug jerk I suspect he is, the program will air and that’s when the outcry will go ballistic.
    I relish the thought.

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    These guys are most of the time spot on their political gambits. They remain as a interesting perspective. I pray they will continue be brave enough to tell it like it is and counter the GOP funded Fox Network propaganda.

  14. bfp says:

    I have to mention, I really hope these people end up getting exactly whatever they ought to get, people’s lives are getting spoiled

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