Articles from April 2010

Climate&Energy “Speak Up&Out” Results

BP Is ignoring the most effective and safest means of locking up the oil in zones around the fragile coastal zones of the Gulf Coast.

Earth Day 1970–2010

Earth Day April 22, 2010 Gulf of Mexico – BP Oil Rig Explosion April 21, 2010 First Earth Day 1970 Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin conceived the idea for Earth Day following a trip he took to Santa Barbara right after the horrific oil spill off the coast in 1969. Outraged by the devastation and [...]

A Prayer Chain for Mother Earth

Read “Hug Spiritual Trees” here on SEN You’ll find a Prayer for Mother Earth, a Prayer for All Life, and a Prayer Chain for Earth that’s just getting underway. Help it spread around the world! Below, a Prayer Answered!       Rupert Murdoch, the multi-billionaire libertarian whose News Corp is the world’s second largest media conglomerate [...]

World Wildlife Fund & Palin Alaska Boycott

SEN is in the process of developing an article about WWF that indirectly bears upon the Palin Alaska Boycott. For just a few moments we posted the initial draft, as a step in the process of developing a major article bearing many photos and links. A reader happened to see it for the few moments the draft was posted, and [...]

Palin Alaska Boycott Gets ANOTHER Boost from Tina Fey on SNL

Click Here for Palin Alaska BOYCOTT Central On…another SEN donation to Defender’s campaign, another Care2-SEN fight-fast fun-fest…

Palin Alaska Boycott Gets Boost from Defenders Campaign!

Click Here for Palin Alaska BOYCOTT CENTRAL and the link to the latest on the Defenders of Wildlife campaign.
SEN could not be more ecstatic and yes SEN has donated to the campaign in honor of all of you making our united effort grow. We will not relent. The boycott SEN is leading has commenced and shortly so will the Defenders campaign!

Drill Us to Hell? Say What YOU Demand!

The Energy and Climate Bill being debated in the USA is at risk of passing as a doom-delivering failure, on the heels of the failure of world leaders at Copenhagen to commit their nations to urgent and decisive action.


On behalf of hundreds of millions in the USA and worldwide who treasure wildlife and are gravely concerned to stop environmental destruction, SEN’s has launched Palin’s Alaska BOYCOTT CENTRAL. Let our relentless battle begin with a swinging of “a terrible and swift sword” against Unilever’s Dove Soap and Degree Deodorant, until and unless Unilever publicly declares it will not support Discovery Communications with any advertising during the period Palin’s Alaska would air. They must help us wash the stink of Palin from any and all nature-related programming broadcast by license ultimately granted by the people of the United States of America. — Gregory Hilbert and Suzanne Sparling, Co-Founders, Sustainability Education Network, April 6, 2010